Bring on the Pain!

It wasn’t easy to get out of the infirmary. Naked, and hooked up to machines pumping him full of drugs. One good eye, the other covered with some kind of bandage. He ached all over, but had an odd euphoria. He’d survived. But how the hell had he gotten in an infirmary? And by who?

10 fingers. 10 Toes. 2 arms. 2 legs. He managed to lift the bedsheet and look ~down there~ he was relieved that everything was still attached. As the dull aches throbbed through his body, he smiled. The pain was stimulating. It meant he was alive.He could see that he had been bit -what looked like human teeth marks – on his chest and stomach, with scratches and cuts. His nose hurt like a bitch, and his eye was so damned scratchy under that bandage!

He wondered what happened to that other one, the blood hungry creature that had chased him through the old warehouse, down into the slums. The enemy had seemed to change shape, too, as they’d fought. He was sure it had wanted more than to kill him. It had toyed with him.

When they’d been on the ground, rolling around, it had grinned at him, and had licked his neck, as if tasting him, then it bit his chest, and groped him shamelessly in ways that made him blush. But then the combat had renewed and he’d been on the offensive as much as not.

D.L. was a hunter. He loved the challenge of hunting creatures of the night. But this one had been… something else. Shaking his head, he staggering out of the bed, and made it to what looked like a high-school gym locker.. He managed to pick the lock, and get inside. D.L. had skillz. He found his gear inside- which looked oddly clean. Someone had been considerate enough to launder his outfit and leave him his stuff?

No time for worrying about that now. Who knew when his ‘benefactor’/’captor’ would return.

D.L. pulled on a white button down, black trousers, and even his special sandals. And found his rings. As he slipped them on, he smiled grimly. Each ring had a purpose and a power. He would not be defenseless. His lush brown hair was long, and disarrayed, but who cared about that when your ass was on the line?

As he was pulling his pants up, he heard a door slam in the distance, followed by the sound of running boots clopping on the tile floors in the dim-lit abandoned school.

D.L shook his head and started to take the corridors that would lead him away from the pursuit.

Eventually, he pushed open the doors to what looked like an old high school gym. There was an odd scene there. A 4 poster bed, complete with pillows and soft looking cotton sheets. There was a small living room type setup, as well, arrayed around sleeping areas, with a sofa and chairs, a coffee table and a television set. D.L.frowned as he jogged across the floor, dodging these obstacles, heading for a flashing ‘EXIT’ sign over the far wall’s double doors.

A chain connecting the two metal security doors. Still, he was slim enough he could probably slip through and get out that way. He ran for it, though his legs hurt. But just when he was about 10 paces from the door, HE seemed to drop in front of the doors from above, landing like some superhero, knees bent and then straightening up.

He was dressed in a black leather duster, and fishnet shirt that clung to his lean, athletic body. Low slung leather pants, twin belts criss-crossed his hips, and black biker boots completed his outfit. He wasn’t much taller than D.L, But he sure looked pretty, with long black hair that trailed down the middle of his back. And he was also dangerous, with a sword on his back and knives on those belts. And he seemed like he was as beat up as his prey, though. “Must have busted him up last night, “ D.L. thought.

“Don’t you come a freakin’ step closer, “ D.L. said, assuming a fighting stance.

The figure held up his hands, “I didn’t come here to fight you.. I came here to help.. “

D.L. gave the man a sidelong look. “Riiiiight. And I’m supposed to believe you  after our tangle  down in the slums. “

“Noooo.. That wasn’t me.. It was .. it.. It did this!”

D.L. wasn’t having any of it. Activating one of the rings, the bronze one with the tiger sigil, he screamed and was on the leather clad man in a blink of an eye, the two rolling around on the ground. D.L.’s fingernails had hardened into claws, and his canines had elongated, and powerful strength. He tasted blood, as the man screamed in pain.

But the stranger lashed out, and D.L. went flying through the air, hitting the 4 poster bed with a thump and a bounce. He didn’t stay down more than a heartbeat before he was back up, as the stranger leaped into the air, towards the rafters.

D.L followed, using the silver ring to give himself wings of steel. He lept into the air, and once more, they clashed. The dark figure gasped in pain as D.L.s wings raked through the leather, and again drew blood. A punch and a lash of from the hand of his opponent sent throbbing pain through his wings, but it didn’t slow D.L. down. But the dark clad man leapt away, and circled around the gym floor.

“I don’t want to fight you! We gotta get the hell outta here!”

A streak that was vaguely pale and surrounded with a nimbus of unearthly light rammed into the leather clad man, who gasped and shouted in pain. Whatever hit him stopped, but the black clad  maned man hit the brick wall, and slumped to the ground with a grunt and a whimper. D.L. looked up in shock, and started to sweep away, the wings of steel still carrying him aloft.

The spectral figure shot itself towards D.L, who countered with his Steel Defender ring, inscribed with shielding runes. It helped, but didn’t stop the assault. A blinding flash of light exploded, and the ring seemed to crack, as D. L. hit the brick wall with a thump. Gasping for breath, ribs aching, D.L staggered upright, and pressed his back to the wall for a moment, trying to see where his opponent went. His vision was a little blurred around the edges from the impact and the light flash.

Not 10 feet away, a new creature stood – and it was a creature. 7 feet tall, and thickly muscled, with a purple mane that was like a lion’s. He was pale skinned in a way the undead are said to be, and he had slender hips and a virile stance, as he flexed his body, like he was trying to recover from a brutal shock, breathing heavy. His face was square jawed and angular, with obvious fangs, and a pair of twisted black horns growing from his head. His eyes glowed like something from the pit.

D.L. grunted. “Huh. So.. the pretty boy was right. It wasn’t him. This dude was behind it all along. “

As the creature shook its head, seeming to recover, D.L’s lips curved into a grin. His body tingled with the challenge, and he felt almost aroused. A real life demon to fight. That thing had wanted to mate with him the night before. Was trying to nurse him back to health. To what? He didn’t understand, but he didn’t need to.Finally. A worthy opponent. D.L. knew the fight wouldn’t be easy. But he figured he could win. But it was going to hurt  – so what? Bring on the pain.

~Dehrynn Shepherd

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