One in the Pink

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“So, what are your qualifications, Mr.. what was your name again?”

“My name is Crowe, Mr Lykin.. Sebastian Crowe.”

Lykin crossed his left leg over his right, as he appraised the applicant. He gazed at the young man with interest. He needed an assistant, one with certain… qualifications. But he was looking for more than the bare minimum. And perhaps he’d found that in this Sebastian Crowe.

Lykin sat regally in the pink chair, as he swept his braided dreads over one shoulder, the low V cut white shirt revealing pale smooth skin and tattoos. The ink crawled down to the wrist and back of the hands, and the carefully braided hair was coiled with a string of multicolored beads that contrasted well with the pale locks. There was a black amulet that was inset in a silver holder around his neck, lying against his chest. He leaned over, still observing the young man, and laid a hand on to top of the hound obediently curled up next to his chair. The dog sighed and made a grunting noise, as it pressed into the affectionate hand. Nearby, song birds chirped merrily and the flutter of their little feathered wings could be heard.  

“Please continue, Mr Crowe, I don’t have all day,“ Lykin commented, with an encouraging smile.

Crowe, an early 20 something college grad was standing about 5 feet from the pink chair, dressed in black dress pants and a suit jacket of similar cut, with black leather shoes and a silver modern wrist watch on the left arm. He wore a royal blue button down, and a pair of steel frame rectangular glasses. He reached up self consciously to adjust them, and cleared his throat. His shoulder-length brown hair was combed straight back from his forehead, and was full with just a hint of curl in its lengths.

“Well, you have seen my resume’,” Sebastian began again, “Besides being a botanist, I have a degree in physics and organic chemistry. I’ve done grad work with Dr. Parvelle…”

At this Lykin sat forward in the chair, eyes glittering, “Ahhh yess… Dr Parvelle. Now you’re getting to the interesting bit. “

Sebastian paused a moment and swallowed, his potential employer pinning him with those  amazing eyes. He felt almost like Lykin could see right through him with that gaze. It was .. almost scary, but dreamy in a way too. He swallowed and put his hands behind his back, as if he were in grade school ready to recite a poem for the class. “Well, I’m not sure what was so interesting about Dr Parvelle’s work .. at least to you.. Everyone thinks he was some kind of occult perv.“

“And yet you mentioned that you worked for him as part of your qualifications, “ Lykin said, with a soft, encouraging smile, “That’s because Dr Parvelle’s work with high energy physics are well known to be groundbreaking, despite his social proclivities. But he also dabbles in .. what was it he dabbles in?”

“The occult, Sir.. The supernatural. But mainly, my work was with his physics experiments. That’s why you’re interested in hiring me, isn’t it? Dr. Parvelle often spoke of your father’s…  “

Lykin sat forward in the chair again, narrowing his eyes, and holding up a finger of caution. The dog growled and raised its head, lips peeling back revealing sharp teeth. The growls subsided as Lykin made a shushing sound. .

Sebastian’s face went pale. He swallowed hard, but it was like his feet were rooted to the spot.

“Do not bring my father into this. He is long since gone, and it is now MY laboratory. And yes, I brought you here to see if you were the right person for the vacancy I have. You would help me with the projects in the lab, but this position is to be my personal assistant. You’d be working directly for me, with me, and… “ there was a crooked little smile.. “Under me. “

The young man gulped and shifted his hips a bit, oddly excited.

“I .. I didn’t realize you had such a .. personal assistant position in mind, “ Sebastian said, reaching up to take off his glasses and rub the steamed up lenses, before pushing them back onto his nose.

There was a pause, before Lykin made a motion with his hand and said, “I’ve done my home work on you. You had some kind of medical condition that Dr Parvelle helped with. Can you show me what he did?”

Sebastian’s face went a little pale, but he really needed this job. So he took a deep breath, slid his suit jacket off, unbuttoned his blue silk shirt, and revealed a smooth and trim hairless flat stomach and a tattooed chest,with tribal designs. In the center of his sternum, was a flat disk of silver about the size of the black amulet Lykin wore. The silver disc gleamed and was inscribed with symbols of an obvious occult nature. In the center was a black diamond that seemed to pulse occasionally with a purple light. “Dr Parvelle installed this.. He said it was like a more powerful pacemaker. It’s kept my heart beating regularly for the past 2 years..”

Lykin’s eyes roamed over the ‘device’, but also the young man’s nice build, and then nodded slowly.  “You’ve got potential, Sebastian. Button up your shirt. I’ll want to have a full examination of that, and make sure you are fit and ready to serve. You start tomorrow. “

Sebastian blinked and tilted his head, “But you haven’t even made me an offer.. H-how do you k-know I’ll accept the p-position, “ he asked nervously.

“When you’re the one in the pink chair, you get what you want, Mr Crowe. You want this, and I want you. I’ll take care of you and your needs, and we’ll both be happy, no? Sign the papers, over on that table, and we’ll get started with the real work that will simply amaze you.”

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