Zaidee & Me

Featured Item: .Reckless. – Interstellar (Fetish Fair)

Lyle, the photographer, held his Nikon protectively against his chest, the strap swaying against his stomach, as he moved around the mini-studio, tilting his head this way and that, looking at the backdrop. He could have sworn he saw something a moment before, something that had cast a hulking shadow of something very dangerous looking against the well-lit backdrop. The bright adjustable studio lamps, with their umbrella diffusers, seemed to be working fine. Nothing was dangling from the ceiling.

“Hey, you didn’t just .. like.. walk in front of the lights, did you, D.S., “ Lyle asked. He glanced over at his younger assistant, who was slouched at the computer station, in front of a series of monitors that would receive the feed from the camera, as the photographer snapped the photos.

“Ummm… “ D.S. said, peeking over his steel frame glasses at the older looking man. He swept a lush lock of his almost hip length black tresses out of his face so he could peek over at his friend. “Nope.. I’m still working on that photo from the last couple – the one guy you called “moon-rock” because of his acne scars. Which, by the way – that wasn’t very nice, Lyle. “

“Just answer the question, smartass.. Did you, or did you NOT do something to the lights just now? “ Lyle arched a brow and scowled, but the effect was ruined by his bangs falling into his eyes, and he had to sweep it back behind his ears. His never-looked hung-over-or-anything- but-pretty assistant. The boy must have been given the genes of some god, because he always looked fresh even after a hard night of drinking. He just wished genetics or some other power had intervened to give him such a countenance..

“Ok, no.. I did not with a boat..I did not with a goat – except maybe that one time in Scotland… Ok no.. I didn’t mess with your lights, or get in front of the screen..I’m trying to WORK here, dammit,“ D.S. said, half irritated, as he grabbed his glass and sipped at the fruity beverage, grimacing as he continued his touch up work on the current photo. “You’re just tired. We’ve been at this all night. Aren’t we about done yet? “

Lyle huffed and let it go. It was probably fatigue playing tricks with his eyes.

“Ummm, no.. there’s supposed to be 1 more couple, but if they don’t show up in the next 5 minutes… “ he started to say, when the noise of shoes on the flooring interupted him.

A young couple strolled in. One was long lush brown hair, tattoos crawling up his arms, and was wearing glasses, with a leather strap snaking its way around his naked waist and stomach. The pretty young lady was blond with hair plaited. Her figure was curvaceous, and outfitted in a form-hugging top, leaving a strip of lower belly and waist open. She was perky and pretty with many colorful tattoos. They both were blinking around as they adjusted to the brighter lights in the studio area.

“Hiiii, I’m Ralphie, and this is Zadiee,“ the young man said, pushing his glasses back from the end of his nose. Ralphie glanced at the young woman with him, who gave him an encouraging bright smile.

Lyle strode forward and smiles, putting on his ‘customer face’. “Hey there! I’m glad you made it! You’re the last one on the list – so yes, you’re in the right place! I’m Lyle.. the umm..” Lyle’s tired brain seemed to freeze up as he couldn’t help staring at the newcomer’s tattoos.

The brown maned young man smirked at Lyle, knowing he was being checked out and said, ‘ We all have to be something, right? The camera kinda gives away what you are, you know.” The young lady snickered and bumped the boy’s shoulder, “Be nice, now.”

The young man gave her a sidelong glance through those glasses, and shook his head, turning back to the photographer. “Anyway,.. You gonna shoot us, or what? “

Lyle shrugged and smiled apologetically, and D.S. smirked at his co-worker, and said, “Stop perving on the customers, Lyle.. let’s get this puppy in the can so we can go drinking and close shop.. But not in that order. “

Lyle glared over at D.S, and then smiled back at his guests, “Yes.. let’s get this done.. My apologies, it’s been a long evening. So. You and Zaidee, was it? “

Ralphie pursed his lips and nodded, ‘Yeah. Zaidee and me. We’ll go stand .. “

Lyle gestured towards the backdrop, where the photography lights were blazing away, and pointed to an X in black electrical tape on the floor. “Stand right there, please – X marks the spot!”

Ralphie moved over to the spot, and Zaidee followed along, standing in the spots indicated. Lyle moved over and looked them both up and down and Ralphie smirked at the guy again. Zaidee gave him another little punch in the shoulder, before he could comment. “Are we good ? “

Lyle nodded and sighed, “Yes, you’re good. Now, I’m going over here.. “ and he moved back out of the way. He held up the camera, framing the couple, “Now, you can strike whatever pose you want, and I’ll start snapping photos. Just vogue for me.. There’s nothing to it.. Just.. yeah you know what to do.. “

Ralphie and Zaidee began to pose and mug and goof off as they assumed poses and preened for the camera. Lyle began to snap away, frame after frame, and D.S. began to hum some tune, probably something from Madonna in her heyday, as his fingers caressed the keyboard, and the mouse was clicking like crazy.

The lights went out – not just the studio lights with the umbrellas for diffusing them.. ALL of the lights, all of the power – it went out. It was pitch black in the room, until moments later, the emergency lights tried to flicker to life. But failed.

There was a gasp, and a scream – Lyle couldn’t tell what.. Until he realized it was him screaming.

The lights came back on suddenly. There was a clatter, as the camera hit the floor, landing in a pool of blood where Lyle had been.

Ralphie glanced at the floor, then at Zaidee, and then over at D.S.

”What.. The.. “

The lights started to dim again, and the three began to run.

Dehrynn Shepherd 

My Look

Mesh- TMP Deluxe Body  (Store)
Hair- lock&tuft – loyal (Enchantment)

Jeans- V-Spot // Worn Suspender Jeans (Store)
Belt- ::GB::Cross body belt (FGC)
Shirt- [BUC] Zante Shoulder Shirt (Store)
Necklace- Kibitz – Melanie necklace (Enchantment)
Glasses- Le Morte – Disasterology Glasses (The Kawaii Project)
Bracelet- [Bad Unicorn] Faith Bracelet (Kustom9)

.Reckless. – Interstellar (Fetish Fair)
Zaidee’s Look

Hair- TRUTH HAIR Satyra (Store)

Shirt- Blueberry – Luxe Box – August Tops (Luxe Box)
Shorts- Tee*fy Megan Flowy Shorts (Luxe Box)
Choker- .tsg. 90s Choker White Stacked (The Kawaii Project)
Necklace- Quirky – 90s Necklace – Crystal (Luxe Box)

eyeshadow- Veechi – Charade Shadow (Collabor88)

[La Baguette] Esha Tattoo (The Kawaii Project)


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