I Can Hear You

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It didn’t take long for things to go pear-shaped.

No one saw it coming.

The tattooed boy with the ball-bat and blindfold had strolled into the gathering of the underworld enforcers playing cards. They were occupying the long hours while they guarded the prisoners. This was the front guard, stationed at the entrance of the old abandoned warehouse. It had previously been a textile/clothing factory – everything from suits to dresses to children’s clothing. That had been 20 years ago before the economy had bottomed out, and the business went to Mexico.

The men were in their 20s and 30s, all ex-military types, armed with pistols, knives, and uzis. Most looking like steroid juicers. They were eating sandwiches, sipping water or cola, playing cards, chatting and joking with one another, sometimes quite rudely, but they were by no-means distracted when the ‘visitor’ walked in.

The young man looked to be mid-to-late teens, and he walked casually in through the lobby’s doorway.

Vinny was the first to step in to block his passage. The boy stopped about 3 feet away, the ball bat strapped to his back. Vinny noticed the newcomer was barefoot, and shirtless, covered in some strange tattoos. He couldn’t tell, but the kid might have even had pointed ears. It was difficult to tell, due to the multi-hued hair of crimson and white – its textures did odd things to his perception. The teen wore a metallic collar, as well, it seemed, and super tight low rise blue jeans. He blinked and coughed and shook his head, holding up a hand. “All-right, Halloween boy, this isn’t the place you wanna be. Just .. run along.. “

That was the last thing Vinny ever said before his throat was perforated by the lashing tongue, spikes of steel, perforating his bloodvessels in a ring around his neck. He barely gasped.. Then gurgled, then fell to the ground as the lean-bodied teen loped past, in some kind of a dead run, flashing past the other guards, killing one with a lash of his tongue, like the first, and un-slinging the bat to crack the knee of the next one.

All 5 men went down, fast and hard, with hardly a sound besides surprised grunts and moans of pain for the few that had the chance to pass on to die minutes later. Only the last one got a shot off from his Smith and Wesson. But the preternaturally strong and quick young man had already struck the guard’s chin with the ballbat, turning the jaw into something more like a bag of glass, that sagged, and made him pass out, blood pouring from his mouth and face. The youth stopped, and his lips curved in a satisfied smile, as he turned, ignoring the carnage.

As each body expired, it seemed as if a blue mist wafted from them, and the boy opened his mouth, and inhaled it like smoke, so 4 out of 5 bodies provided this bounty. At the last one, his tongue shot out and undulated in the air, and a demonic hiss and growl escaped his lips, as he rubbed his chest and felt the tight muscles and power he possessed.

He moved deeper into the complex of the underground fortress, sniffing the air. The one he was sent to kill was nearby. How nice of the syndicate to put him in a place with no escape. And then there was capturing the other that should be with the death-target. He didn’t have to be in good condition. Just alive. He could smell them both. They were close.

As he loped down the next corridor, he could hear the shouts of someone – his supernatural senses included enhanced hearing, as well as smell, taste, sight and touch – and deeper in they were preparing for an assault. They thought it was some other rival gang or outfit. But one of them said, calmly, it was “The Daemon” coming to kill them all.  How right that one was. Maybe that was the one he had to kill?

“Keep on talking, “ the boy said, in a soft, sweet voice, one that belied the violence that he’d just done. “I can hear you! “ He said in an excited voice, his tongue sliding over his lips as he rubbed his chest again, and loped with renewed vigor and a laugh that sounded like some deranged lunatic on steroids. “That’s right!” he shouted between laughter. “I CAN HEAR YOU!”

Dehrynn Shepherd

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