P.S.A… A Gacha Revolution

Hello My Dear Readers,

Today I want to take a quick break away from Pictures to give you guys a little PSA; my long time readers might remember what this is back from my just Tumblr days but for the new people in the crowd it’s aka “Public Service Announcement”. I haven’t done a PSA in a long time because I haven’t been as excited about something new in SL that there isn’t already a million other blog posts on so hopefully you all will be as excited as I am by the time you finish reading.

So I happen to co-own a little gacha yardsale store with MJ Zaurak for the last couple of years, maybe you guys heard of it…7tah8 Gachabait (MJ also has a MP section of the store called Gachabait). And so, over the years MJ and I have done & tried all sorts of things to run this better. We even tried at one point to convert the Caspervend to sell gacha to keep better track of things…it was rather short lived though cause yeah. So, when a little over a week ago a friend of mine asked if I wanted to try a friend of hers new gacha vendor product line I was like “Sure, why not”.

But, to be honest, I wasn’t exactly excited when I 1st had the stuff dropped into my inventory. It was from a store I’ve never heard made by a Guy I’ve never heard of so it was just another product in the sea of products & by no means was it the true & tested Lazyguy that every Gacha Reseller knows & loves. So with my busy schedule it became a lot of teeth pulling to get me to even convert one set of gacha to this new vendor.

And boy was that a sight to behold half dead multi-tasking me and learning to use new products just don’t mix! Eventually I did figure out on the SL end of this vendor it has the same basic concept as Lazyguy vendors… the new & Genius of this product is all in the website.

Now you’re all probably asking “What is this Vendor?” “How is it Genius?” “Why are you going all GaGa over it now?” Don’t worry guys I’m gonna tell it all!

It’s called dev; Gatcha Resellers System and you can get it In World and on the Marketplace

Now as to why is it Genius, not only will I tell you why but I’ll also show you why! So lets take a lil tour of my Gacha store on the website this vendor gives you:

First, this place gives you a spot that lists all your gacha out for sale that can linked & shown to anyone & they can search word filter it for what they are looking for…So guys the days of trying to remember what you have actually out for sale and not just in the depths of your inventory and doing Google Doc sell lists is done with this feature!


Secondly, Not only can you simply list the product you can also manage how you sell them without having to get in SL & finding each box to do it manually. You can set them with some sort of discount and if you have a Gacha Partner in Crime you can make it so there is profit splitting/sharing (MJ & I would have killed for this several times over in the past)


And last but by no means least, there is a whole page dedicated to keeping track of your sales & profits with a graph & everything! Your on you way to being a Big Boy store with this thing Yes!


Oh and Guys, extra bonus here the website is Phone Friendly so yeah you don’t even need to be at your computer to do any of this you can be Out & About when you make any changes or just want to check up on things!

So, Yeah Genius & a total Gacha Revolution! if you’re not going GaGa over this like I am you probably are not a Gacha Addict. This vendor saves soooooo much time & headache for those who are though so yes get one in your SL life A.S.A.P!

dev; Gatcha Resellers System (Created by Joyeux Nitely. ㋡ (Heyter Nitely) In World & Marketplace

This is just the beginning Guys there are Updates & such coming soon with this new Vendor!




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