A Cautionary Tale

Featured Item: Rekt Bone Horn aka Pecker Horns (Cosmopolitan)

“You can always judge a book by its cover,” Tomas said, a red maned boy with hair spiked like a rooster’s comb, his garb that of a grunge rock throwback. He wore a red-checked shirt, torn blue-jeans and sneakers. He nodded, assuring himself he spoke wisdom, as he spoke to the proprietor. Tomas sat on the barstool near the middle, sipped coffee and chewed on his breakfast burrito. It was early still, and the crowd was thin, but it would fill up soon.

This was Shepherd’s Tavern, a local gathering spot for those of the mystical community. It served the needs of supernatural and magic using folks alike. Food and drink were provided, and a safe haven. The radio by the loadstone played NPR’s Morning Edition, and newspapers were being shared by the patrons. Wifi was unreliable, unless you were powered up near the ‘loadstone’ at the center of the tavern, Otherwise, these devices tended to shut off. Many blamed it on the untrained magical talent (or a wry sense of humor from the proprietor).

The owner seemed in his mid 20’s, with long black hair that framed high cheekbones and angular features. He had a sensual mouth, and he dressed in tight black leather pants and billowy blue poet’s shirt, with knee high boots of brown leather.

“Of course you can, “ Shepherd said, as he carried over a glass of orange juice to the young man. “You just might not always be correct. “

The young man, finished off his breakfast burrito, and drank a long gulp of the coffee. “Oh come on, Shep – I mean, with you – well – you’re not just a ponce in a poet shirt. You just dress that way to impress the chicks!”

“Is that so?” The older man smirked, as he put his hands on the bar. “Tomas, your wit has no measure, except on the small scale – you can be quite a dumbass.”

The  young man huffed at the insult, but pointed at the far corner, where there sat a young pretty man of some exotic heritag. He was dressed in a striped button-down with a black sweater overtop. Long, silken brown hair flowed down back and over shoulders, and the look of delight was on his lips. He smoked a strange pipe, and read a leather-bound book, and he seemed relaxed. He had a sensual mouth and fine boned features, and wore a strange moon/feather necklace that dangled on his chest. He slouched in his corner, reading and smiling. A scent of flowers and herbal smoke rose from that corner. The only odd thing about this young man  – poppies were growing from his head, as well as horns of an odd bent, and some leathery coiled straps.

“Take that one, for starters, “ Tomas started, his brown eyes twinkling with triumph. “That one – he’s got to be a freak – after all, who grows poppies in their hair and walks around in open daylight with twisted horns? “

Shepherd reached across the bar, and grabbed Tomas by the shirt, yanked him over the bar, nose to nose, the older man’s blue eyes having shifted to scintillating red. He seemed to grow to twice his height, with a miasma of dark power exuding from him, occluding the nearby lights.

You do not speak so, in MY Tavern if you want to ever sit – anywhere – again!

Shepherd’s voice became that of a Demonic Death Dealer, and Tomas’s eyes went wide, as he found himself lifted into the air. The boy may have even peed himself.

“AHHH! P-P-Please! P-Put m-me d-d-down! “

The air lightened in a blink, and Shepherd was, once again, the handsome debonaire playboy. Tomas was on his barstool, unruffled. He could have sworn… had Shepherd really…? He’d been sure he’d … But there he was.. Seemingly untouched. No, he’d not peed himself either.

“What.. the.. Ffffff…. “

“Now now, language, “ Shepherd said, with a wave of his right index finger. “Now.. you pointed out Lykin – the one you were disparaging? You only see what’s on the surface.”

Tomas swallowed but his courage came back faster to his mouth. “Well, just look- something is wrong with him! I mean- I can understand tattoos, or piercings – but Horns and Poppies? Sounds like a rock band from the 90s!  What’s up with that?”

Shepherd’s eyes darkened a moment, but let the smartass comment pass, but he DID pour oj into the boy’s coffee, much to Tomas’s upset. “Lykin is really an experienced mage, Tomas. Unlike you,  the weak pyromancer you are. But there comes a price with experimentation. Lykin drove himself mad with desperation to find a way to save his … “ he paused, and shook his head, a smile of warm affection on his lips, before continuing. “Ahh.. Someone close to him… And some odd things happened. You might not know it, but Lykin was in the War of Shadows, just 3 years ago. He came up with the formula to defeat the Dark Lord from taking our dimension. “

Tomas looked incredulous. “You have to be joking…” he said, guffawing, but then looking back and forth from the proprietor to the young man in the corner. “You’re serious?”

“Deadly. So you might want to be more respectful. “

Lykin looked up from his book towards Shepherd, and smiled, waving him over, with a grin, adjusting his glasses as they slid down his nose. He pointed at the book he had in hand and waved the him over again. Shepherd held up a hand and nodded – he’d be right there. He turned a moment to Tomas, “There’s always a price for brilliance – and sometimes it’s a cautionary tale. The price could be poppies growing out of your head.. Or saving someone’s life at a cost to you in unexpected ways. Sometimes love is blind. There are consequences to power which you might not anticipate. Now.. excuse me, I have a friend that wants to share a story with me. “  

Dehrynn Shepherd 

Mesh- TMP Deluxe Body (Store)
Hair- ~Tableau Vivant~ Pretty reckless I (Store)

Jacket/Shirt- ::GB::Long shirt & Jacket / Limited Stripe (Monsieur Chic)
Horns- Rekt Bone Horn (Cosmopolitan)
Poppies- *N*Deadly Poppy (Enchantment)
Necklace- RO – Crescent Set (Kustom9)
Glasses- Le Morte – Disasterology Glasses (The Kawaii Project)
Book- C L A Vv. Single Book (Store)
Pipe- 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Chain Opium Pipe Iron – RARE (FGC)


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