So Close, Yet So Far

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Damon had been looking for answers for many many years. He had lost count of how old he was, though he had sat down once and identified that he was, at least, over 1000 years old. He had seen so many things across the Earth. Civilizations – all of humanity, in one form or another. He knew he was special, but also that he wasn’t unique.

Time and encounters with the strange and supernatural beings that walked the earth had taught him how to use his gifts and revealed his talents, along with vulnerabilities, too. Damon was a half-demon, as they called it. One of a special combination. And when he dropped his concealing defense, an illusion of sorts, he was seen as what might be called an angel.

He was of a rare breed and had not encountered another quite like him, though some were similar. He had steeped himself in lore and found ways to research. When research failed, he had learned how to get information in other ways – through bribery, or extraction.

He had been particularly successful with his interrogation of some from The Dark Brotherhood, a circle of lore-mongering sages that ran a mafia-like organization to control supernatural information, and control those with ties to those worlds. The last Agent of the Brotherhood had revealed something about the artifact he was now hunting. It had taken the spell of one of Damon’s most potent powers – his kiss, to extract the information. They never could resist.

The Agent he had encountered had revealed that there was an artifact that could send the holder, under the right conditions, to anywhere they wanted. Damon wanted to travel to the Celestial Sphere, where he found he was either an exile or ophan from.

He wanted Answers.

Damon had found the Artifact – “The Orb of Stars” and had been frustrated when he hadn’t been able to use it right away. But he soon discovered that the Orb had to be activated at the peak of the Mountain of Twilight, during the Celestial Conjunction, an alignment of planets and constellations. So he bided his time, and continued to gather information, and discovered that the Brotherhood was hunting him again. And they wanted the Orb.

Finally the day came, and Damon found the Mountain peak was defended by the Brotherhood, who had brought warriors and mages, creatures and monsters, to fight and take the Orb from whom ever arrived to use the Orb.

Damon shed his illusion and burst into his true form: Beautiful and terrible, wings of crystal and ice, and talons of shimmering power. He burst through monster and human alike, and left in his wake a path of blood.

And when he made it to the mountain top, shimmering in wrath and his glorious form, he held forth the Orb, and it started to hum, and floated out of his hand… and its own light, from a place at its center, began to shine forth.

Damon reached up to take hold of the Orb, but now with the light shining out, it was intangible! He couldn’t touch it, as his hand and taloned fingers passed right through it as if it were a ghost image, or phantasm! “Noooo! ” he gasped, the object right there in front of him. So Close!! But it might have been a million miles away.

And that’s when a young man, no more than seemingly 18 years old, who was smooth and pretty in his own way, and had pointed ear-tips poking through his hair. The newcomer wore blue and white robes that accented his lean but athletic frame.

Damon was sure the man wasn’t of the Dark Brotherhood.

Even as Damon still reached frustratingly for the orb, the young man walked up, his long brown hair flowing behind him in the wind, and astonished Damon by taking as his hand closed on the Orb, while Damon’s STILL passed right through!

What was this? Damon’s hand couldn’t hold it, but this boy’s could? His features darkened for a moment, and he glared at the young man, his wings of vengeance and talons thirsty for more blood.

And then the orb started to pulse and grow even brighter in radiance. It was so intense, the air shivered with a hum, and the light showed through flesh of young man’s hand so you could see the bones, as he held it.

The newcomer turned to Damon, and in a soft, but apologetic voice, said, “I know this is frustrating, but .. Damon isn’t it? My name is Ulrick… If you take my hand – and if you promise to give me what I want, I’ll give you what you want – I’ll take you to your homeland. “

Damon had a choice to make. And he had been so close!

Dehrynn Shepherd 


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