Making New Friends

When Stephen awoke, it was late evening, just past sunset, and the clouds in the sky foretold rain.  He had a headache- well everything ached! He struggled, but found was tied to some kind of St Andrew’s cross. He was helpless, stripped naked, and a captive.

He could barely remember what happened. He’d been in a plane crash, having beached at this desert island. He went out exploring, seeking shelter and food, when he’d been attacked by.. something. His head was fuzzy, and he figured it must have been a nightmare, because he remembered thinking it looked like a giant jelly fish had fallen from a palm tree overhead and clung to his face like one of those face-hugging creatures from the movie “Alien”.

And now, he was waiting for his captors to show themselves.The air seemed charged with strange little motes of light that glowed and drifted around inside the confines of clearing.

That’s when he walked into view. A thin young man, pretty and half naked, early twenty something, with strange and interesting tattoos all over his arms and torso. He was wearing makeshift whitish trousers and leather straps criss-crossed over his waist and stomach. He moved with a casual sensuality, that said he was very comfortable with himself. He looked intently at Stephen, as if appraising him.

The blond was carrying a human skull that had an eye-rune inscribed on its bony forehead, and it, dangled by an almost puppet-like string cradle, which was attached to loops on each of the blond’s fingers on his left hand. He carried it almost like a lantern. Stephen didn’t seem to be able to make his mouth work. All he could do was make“Nnnggg” noises. His mouth and lips felt numb.

Walking in front of his prisoner, appraising his athletic frame, the blond pursed his lips, and then swept them with a pierced tongue before he burst into a grin.

“Well hiiii! I’m glad you’re awake now, Handsome! Because talking to a sleepy guy us kinda hard. Isn’t that right, Mr Bones? “ The young man held up the skull, raising it so it was even with Stephen’s face. The skull seemed to nod; obviously the boy had used the strings to do it..

The blond cupped the captive’s chin, then turned it left and right. Then, he leaned in and licked Stephen’s neck, the pierced tongue stud sliding along his carotid almost playfully. Stephen gasped at the action – cold stud and warm tongue and saliva.

The young man grinned at Stephen, and nodded, “Oh Yes, you’ll do just fine. Mr Bones agrees!”

“Wh..Wha… Who.. Who are you? Why am I t-tied up?” He asked this in a halting, half-coughing fashion as his mouth and throat started to work again.

“Well, you can call me Raith, if you want, and this is Mr Bones!” He held up the skull again, and then frowned at Stephen. “Now, we can’t let you roam around and try to kill us, so we had to be sure, first.“ He paused and leaned in to whisper close to Stephen’s ear, his warm breath caressing the restrained man’s sensitive neck, “If you want to be our friend, you can’t be rude! Now -SAY.. HELLO… to Mr Bones!” Raith pulled back and held up the skull to Stephen’s face once more.

Stephen blinked and swallowed, an incredulous look on his face. He decided to play along, saying “Umm.. Hello, Mr Bones. I’m S-SStephen. I .. g-guess we can’t umm.. Shake hands.”

Raith grinned brightly, and dangled Mr Bones away, as he moved in and gave Stephen a soft and sensual kiss. In his fogged state, Stephen kissed back automatically, enjoying the soft lips.

Then the younger man placed a hand on Stephen’s chest, and smiles at him warmly. ”We’re friends now! Its official! And – I want you to meet Abigail. Oh Abigail! Come in! “

There was a strange scraping sound, like hooves on stone. A creature made of wood, bone and plastic, draped with a fox fur, and the head of a large female mannikin doll clip-clopped into the clearing. It moved like something out of a horror movie would, and the eyes – they were ALIVE!

Abigail, walked up next to the Raith, and its head turned slowly, and spoke in a spooky young woman’s voice. “I hope you don’t break this one, like you did all the others. Hello Stephan“

The eye-sockets of Mr Bones lit up, and it was as if an old man’s voice, with a british accent, was in Stephen’s head, “Oh he’ll behave – this one won’t cause us too much trouble. “

“Whaa? What’s going on here! Please, let me go! “ Stephen said as he struggled with his bonds.

Raith frowned a little and then his smile brightened. “Why, I’ve just introduced you to the friends I made.. And now I’ve made you my friend, too. We’re gonna have a lot of fun together!”

Dehrynn Shepherd 

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