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Featured Item: .Reckless. – Fuel (Bodyfy)

Some say that the Fates weave our lives out of the threads of creation, that the 3  –  Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, are the ones that give us birth, set our path, and cut the threads at the end, when we die. It sounds like a lot of work, but if you’re a god, maybe it’s less literal.

It was something about the legend of those three – the Fates – that was going through Raf’s mind when he took the strange shears from their ceremonial casing, and tried to remove the cord.

It wasn’t just any cord. It was a cord that had no substance, no physical existence, at least to the naked eye. But it was there. And he didn’t understand why he hadn’t seen it much sooner. But it was there. The Cord. Slightly out of phase with our reality.

At least that’s what that funny, strange man with the long, beautiful hair the shade of midnight, had said. He’d called himself Rynn De La Horn (such an odd name, which went well with his odd nature) and he’d spoken like a mystic. Raf didn’t even know how the two had met – he’d shown up one day at his table at the coffee house, and placed his hat on the table, asking if he could share the table – “Is this seat taken? Well, I won’t be long.” He’d said.

Maybe he’d slipped something into Raf’s coffee? But in the end, suddenly, he could see that snaking cord around his wrist. The Black Cord. It was wrapped around his arm like some serpent, and its other end seemed to vanish into thin air several feet away from his arm.

Raf couldn’t believe he was actually drawn into this world of strange and supernatural. It was just too odd! But it was real to him now, and he had to accept it.

And he had to accept that the last year or so had been a lie. A fabrication. He’d been led around, in a very literal sense, like a child tied to his mother’s apron by a string. Or.. worse.. Wrapped around someone’s finger.

Raf followed Rynn’s instructions -, he’d found the old curio shop, “Mycroft’s Emporium” and paid the proprietor the sum of a lock of hair, a coin from the pocket of his father, and a note sealed with a kiss. Rynn had been very specific that only that combination of ‘gifts’ would get the proprietor to give up the Sheers for a day – it was more a rental than a purchase. And there was still the matter of Rynn’s payment – nothing in this world is for free.

The sheers were strange – heavy iron and sharper than anything he’d ever handled before. Over-large, and old fashioned- and the metal was burnished like a dark mirror. But when you stared at its surface too long, it seemed like you were looking into the depths of the night sky. And the metal was cold. He didn’t want to handle them any longer than he had to. His fingers almost seemed to be going numb, the longer he held the damn things.

So .. he took the shears.. And opened the twin blades wide, and drew his arm up, where the cord seemed wrapped, and he closed the shears with a snap. It was as if he had tried to cut into a steel cable with a blunt butter knife. There was a “dong!” sound, like a funeral bell, that seeped into the air, as if from far away. As he tried again, his arm was YANKED hard – dragging him across the room, the cord taunt and tightening painfully at his wrist. He could feel the vibration of anger on the other end. The Sorcerer was aware his binding spell was in jeopardy, and he was undoubtedly planning to do something more nefarious, so .. Rynn growled low in determination tried to jam the shears closed.

THIS time they glowed – as if little stars lit up inside the sheers’ surface. They blazed up, going nova, and there was a hissing SNAP!! As they closed. The cord broke, like an elastic string stretched too far, it whipping back out of sight. There was a sting on Raf’s arm where the near end had snapped back and slapped his forearm, as the cord wrapped around his wrist materialized, the cut end dangling down.

Raf’s mind cleared instantly, free of the fog that he hadn’t even known was there. He could see and think again. But it wasn’t quite over, in one sense. Would it ever be? He didn’t really care. He was free from that cord. From the asshole at the other end. Damn the fates, but he’d cut it.

And that sorcerer would be forced to move on, his prey had escaped, and was now wary and ready.

With a snarl, Raf said to himself.

“That’s right.. Hit the road Jack.. and don’t you come back.. “

Dehrynn Shepherd 

Mesh- TMP Deluxe Body (Store)
Hair- Tableau Vivant \\ Sari hair (Collabor88)

Jeans- Legal Insanity – butch black jeans (Store)
Rings- [MANDALA]Sinra Rings Season3 (Collabor88)
Scissors & String- {egosumaii} Atropos Scissors & Lachesis Arm Threads (FGC)

.Reckless. – Fuel (Bodyfy)

Background Color Effect- E.V.E Dancing Bubbles & Fireflies (Store)


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