Featured Items: JIAN :: Peacock (Collabor88)

Crossing through the portal, which was in the form of an antique mirror, had been something of a game when she was little. Her parents had just assumed that she was making up fanciful stories, what with friends that were called “Rabbit” and “Caterpillar” and “Hat Man”.

They had been indulgent parents, in that regard, but once Alphie had reached a certain age, they had shipped her off to boarding school, and she would be brought from there to her father’s or mother’s other residences around the world. The mirror remained dormant for years.

But it had all been real.

Oh this wasn’t “Alice in Wonderland”, like that novel by Lewis Carroll. She wasn’t ‘Alice’ from the stories, though there were times that she felt just like the little girl in the book. And this certainly wasn’t 1865.

Alphie had all but forgotten about the mirror, and many of the old adventures, as time went on, and her friends thought she was trying to write some kind of novel or just loved cosplay a little too much. Time passed, and she had left boarding school and was accepted into Harvard, and things had been going along. Her studies were getting high marks, and.. Of course… Boys were getting interesting! And then the tragedy had happened. The plane accident had claimed her father, but her mother withdrew and she never knew where that woman was going to be, except for Christmas. That’s when Alphie dropped out of college and traveled the world, and tried to find meaning in something, trying to find herself.

She wound up at the old mansion, with only Roberts for company, as her mother was late flying in due to snow storms, She had Roberts find the old mirror and bring it to her room, where she was unable to get it to work, as it had when she was young.  But late that night, she was awakened by   “Rabbit” inthe middle of the night, looking like some crazed drug addict trying to score a fix. He was dishevelled, his long what mane of soft hair was matted, and he looked like he’d been in some kind of fight. Alphie had to grab him by the shoulders and shake him til his teeth rattled, before he finally calmed down, and could explain that things had gone really bad on “the Other Side”. He was worried about Smiley, and Hat Man, who might have been captured. He didn’t know, and he’d turned to Alphie as a last hope.

He explained that the Black Hart Crew had gone radical, and tried to take over the land, either capturing or killing the resistance, one by one. And they had designs on coming through the mirror, and invading This Side.

“Your Dad’s death was no accident”, Rabbit confided, and told the tale how the black heart assassin, Jack Corelander, had tried to kill her whole family.

Alphie was angry, upset, and almost grieving all over again. And then she got pissed. 

“Wait here, “ she said.

Minutes later, she came back with an assortment of old items – things she had collected form ‘the old days’  – The Oni Mask that could summon the powers of  Daemons, or as Mad Hat had called it “Old Scratch”; the “Weirding Staff” from the Caterpillar’s lair, and that special necklace that she’d always worn when traveling to that other world.

Ahhh that was the key to getting the mirror to work!

Alphie slipped into the outfit that had been given her by the Hatter, for when she was older – the old Perv – and it felt like a second skin. And the magic was active in it, making her feel powerful, and unstoppable.

She grabbed Rabbit by the collar, and pushed him first through the mirror, and followed behind, and when she came out on the other side, the Peacock Guards were there.

“Halt!” they warbled in their strange bird voices.

But Alphie snarled and let loose a burst of power from the “Weirding Staff” that stunned the guards, and made Rabbit’s jaw drop open in wonder and surprise.

“Damn, Girl.. you’re a badass,” He cackled, and she gave him a fierce smile.

“You got that right – now let’s get moving Rabbit,“ as they mounted a pair of horses that were tied nearby. The peacock guards would be helpless for a good 30 minutes and they could be well away by then.

“Where are we going now,” Rabbit asked.

“First we find Hatter, and then I’ve got a score to settle with the Black Harts.”

Dehrynn Shepherd

Mesh- Maitreya (Store)
Hair- Tableau Vivant \\ Sari hair  (Collabor88)

Full outfit + Staff- =Zenith=Xiang Mo (FGC)

Eyeshadow- Zibska ~ Noir (Store)
Lipstick- Clemmm – Tired Glitter Lips (Store)

CURELESS[+] Hyaku Monogatari (Store)

Peacocks- JIAN :: Peacock (Collabor88)
Bamboo & Fog- anc bamboo & mist (Store)


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