Caught With my Mouth Full

Featured Items:  C L A Vv. Takoyaki Stall Gacha (Bon Voyage)

 It was a sunny morning, with birds chirping in the trees, squirrels scampering about, and the sound of waves – the ocean – lapping against the nearby shore and docks. The salty ocean air was crisp, but not cold, but was fresh through the cracked open window. It wasn’t until the seagull started harassing the boatmen for their fish that the sleeping young man awoke. He groaned and turned , pulling the covers over his head in defense against the morning. But it was no good. He was awake, and the brain was already going. He lifted the blanket and peeked towards the window.

“Wow… I’m never up this early.. I hope I’m not getting sick, “ he mumbled to no one in particular. But it wasn’t a sullen or sulky pout, though he was quite good at those emotive expressions, using them to good effect. He was actually not feeling that bad. Besides the principle of getting up too early, he felt better than he expected after such a… no other way to think about it.. A wild night.

He smiled, then grinned and made a low purring sound in his throat, and wiggled in the bed, before the call of nature eventually forced him out of the warm comfort of the sheets. He slipped his feet into the soft cute slippers, and grabbed the shirt that had been left on the back of the doorknob. He slipped it on and only buttoned the bottom button. Then, he shuffled towards the bathroom. He performed his morning routine, the facing the mirror and grabbing an elastic band, he tamed that wild auburn hair into a loose ponytail. Some strands escaped his efforts- but he didn’t really care about the loose ones – they were not going to present a problem like the knullruffs would have.

Looking in the mirror, he looked at how the shirt seemed to mold to his chest and shoulders, liking the effect, as he pulled the shirt collar up to his nose, and gave it a slow, soft inhale. The scent of the one it belonged to was there; a delicious aroma.. Faintly smelling of lavender and cinnamon, and some other exotic musk, it was all wrapped around him, as he smiled, and hugged himself, before sighing and shuffled in that cute way into the kitchen.

Someone had been busy. The smell of fresh coffee was potent, and it made Phie’s mouth almost water. And there was the scent of fresh baked bread in the air.. Fresh bread! And .. something else. He glanced around, and then over at what was on the stove..And on the countertop nearby.He grinned huge and made grabby hands as he shuffled quickly across the room to see what was there – Takoyaki!!

Before he even thought about it, he had one in his hand and not a moment later, it was in his mouth.. He started to bite into it when he heard a noise from behind – the door slammed! “You’d better not be eating those!!” The voice sounded angry, and his eyes went big, as he turned slowly around, wide eyed and almost afraid to see what he was going to face. He didn’t realize until it was too late that the takoyaki was still in his mouth, between his teeth.

“Awww.. you’re never up this early! My surprise.. Its ruined!”, the voice said, as the tallish sandy-haired man entered the room, his eyes sparkling with mischief. His arms were crossed over his chest, half exposed with the gap in the silken bath robe, tied at the waist. He struck a pose of being mock-angry, but couldn’t keep the grin from his face.

Phie bit through Takoyaki, and slowly chewed … damn this was good stuff… before swallowing it down with a gulp. He made quite a show of it, leaning back, his hands gripping the edges of the counter, before he, then stuck out his tongue at his ‘guest’, and shook his head, the ponytail swishing against his shoulders. “Sorry.. What were you saying? I don’t talk with my mouth full.“

Dehrynn Shepherd

Mesh- TMP Deluxe Body  (Store)
Hair- +elua+ Daria (Store)

Shirt- ::GB::Long open shirt (TMD)
Slippers- +Half-Deer+ Sweet Dream Slippers (Gacha Garden)
Necklace- [sau]Indian feather necklace (TMD)

Room- dust bunny . acorn treehouse (Store)
Kitchen- {vespertine}small spaces kitchen (Store)
Cooking Supplies & Food- C L A Vv. Takoyaki Stall Gacha (Bon Voyage)
frying pan-[NC] – TCH Frying Pan (Store)

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