In Love With the Dead

Featured Items: Alter- Rekt Skull Altar (Crossroads) & JIAN Curious Kitties (Gacha Garden)

It was a masquerade being held down in the old restored catholic church, now called Club Nephilim. The owner had purchased it with the inheritance from his father, many years ago, and had made it a lush and chic nightclub.  Ral, as he was known, was throwing this gala event with mood lighting, a costumed staff, and strange art objects depicting scenes of angels and demons doing.. a multitude of things. Things that were both subtle and disturbing.

The place oozed with the strains of sensual goth and J-rock bands. At the moment, Peter Steele’s voice saturated the party goers’ minds, while drugs, alcohol, and hormones coursed through the rest of their anatomy. It was the trendy place to be, if you were into the mystical, the supernatural, the occult.

The crowd had been invited to this supernatural soirée’ from all over the city. A general invite had been circulated throughout the community, attracting mundane and supernatural alike. Not just the crystal users, or the charlatans, but the true supernaturals – those beings that tampered with and practiced magic, or were scions of the supernatural world. Ral wanted to sample some of that delicious vitae. And he was hungry tonight.

Most of the guests wore masks, though a few lurkers in the shadows did not. Some were wearing wolf masks, some bear, still others birds or foxes or cat masks, and yet others more obscure ones.

Ral was wearing a rabbit half-mask, as he glided through the crowd mingling. He was greeted by important guests and folks of various walks of life.  Eventually, he came upon a dark maned pretty boy, wearing a similar mask to his own. This 20 something had raven dark tresses that flowed down past his shoulders, was clad in black leather pants and a black velvet smoking jacket. He didn’t have the stereotypical frilly lace at the cuffs or neck, but he wore a white shirt, half unbuttoned. He was slender,  but sported a toned body.

Ral couldn’t help but grin as he could feel the anticipation building when he took this sexy young man. He could smell how special his blood was, and it excited him. Young, healthy, and magic in his blood- The trifecta.

After a time of some idle chat, he learned the man’s name was Rynan, and he was just in the city for a few days, on business, but had heard of the party, and had come to see what the fuss was all about.  His compliments were elegant, and he was effusive about the décor.  So his host had taken him on a tour of the ‘off limits’ areas, deep into the old church, showing him statuary and paintings, stained glass and carvings. Eventually, they made their way to the farthest areas of the private chapel. That’s where Ral cornered him by the altar. No one would hear anything that happened here – and the guardian familiars would keep the unwary away.

Ral smiles and slowly pressed the young man against the altar with a slow, easy seduction. Rynan played coy at first, but he was not going to say no. The reaction of his anatomy gave away what he really hoped would happen.  Besides – who wouldn’t want to get laid on a stone altar?

Things became more intimate, as both their passions built. Ral’s lips curved into a half smile, as he removed the young man’s glasses and pressed him back against the stone, leaning in to lick the line of his carotid artery. He could hear the blood pounding with excitement in Rynan’s neck.

“Mmmm you are going to be so delicious.. “ Ral said in a sultry, low voice, as he bound the boy’s hands behind his back with a velvet cord, playfully forcing him against the stone. “OH, I’m usually the one.. doing that.. “ the young man started to say in a dreamy voice, excited but not really protesting.

Ral’s  lips parted and he purred with delight, as his fangs flashed, and he leaned in to bite deep into the neck, his hands slipping around the Rynan’s  body, holding him like a lover, and drinking deep.

Soft cries of passion escaped from both hunter and prey – sounds of pleasure and lust, as Ral drank. The young man’s eyes slid shut , lost in the bliss that a vampire kiss grants his prey – he smiled and moaned, like he was having an orgasm.

Ral’s drinking slowed after the first few moments, a bit surprised. He drank deep again, and felt the power of the blood as it coursed through him. He gasped and let Rynn slide down to the floor, where the young man lay helplessly, half dazed because of the narcotic magic of the vampire bite, looking up at Ral in a daze.  “Why do I feel so strange, “ Ral muttered.

“ The blood of the Fae”, the helpless young man murmured from the floor, a dreamy smile on his lips. Ral’s head swam and blood trickled over his lips and down his chin, as he slowly laid down on his back, looking up at the ceiling, only because of the power of the blood he had just consumed. It coursed through his body , and yet made him feel like he had just taken some powerful narcotic. His lips parted in a soft smile, knowing he would rise in moments from this temporary semi-swoon, and Rynan and he would have another round. His hand went between his black clad slender thighs, and  he growled, “Oh bloody hell.. I want more of that.”

~Dehrynn Shepherd 

Mesh- TMP Deluxe Body (Store)
Hair- Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial \ Western wind (Store)
*New* Eyes- {S0NG} :: Hex Eyes (TMD)

Shirt- :::Breath:::Double tank (Monsieur Chic)
Pants/Boots- ::GB::Lace up pants and boots (TMD)
Mask & Lip chain- Le Morte – BunBun Mask & Chained Lip (Store)
Gloves- [CX] Soul Grips (TMD)

Eyeshadow- Zibska ~ Gret (Store)
Nose Bleed- Clemmm – Nosebleed .7 (Store)

*Bolson – Sak Yant (Store)

Alter- Rekt Skull Altar (Crossroads)
Art- Air_Hafiz (Store)
Feathers- {anc} feather chips (TMD)
Candles- [ zerkalo ] Halloween in White (Store)
Raven- +Half-Deer+ Raven (Store)
Cat-  JIAN Curious Kitties (Gacha Garden)

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