I’ll Wear Pink if I Want to

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Things had been difficult tonight. Sound system problems, a roadie broke a leg, his guitar had shorted out, and a light had fallen and nearly killed a stage hand. What else was going to go wrong tonight? Ralphie was not in the best of moods after such things, though – for all of that, the concert had been a good one. The crowd had rolled with each of the troubles, and it seemed to open that rapport, for the shared danger. Who knew a rock concert could be so dangerous?

After the concert, the walk to the hotel was exhausting – the van had broken down! But at least it was only a few blocks.

The other members of the Band known as”Ralphie’s Revenge” had gone to their own rooms, or .. the rooms of the dudes and chicks they had picked up, and would not be seen until the next morning. Ralphie, on the other hand, was just plain tired. He was just too damned tired for any of that. He just wanted to get a shower and sleep.

He keyed open the hotel door, slammed it behind, placed his guitar case ~~ Gently!~~ in the corner, before shambling his lean frame towards the bathroom, peeling the tight latex and leather off his sore body as he went, dropped them along the floor as he went, and finally stepped into the steamy hot jets of the shower

He sighed in delight as the nearly too hot jets rained the steamy water over his tattoed skin. Eventually, he started to wash, soaping up, and scrubbing the sweat, musk, and smoky miasma that was the atmosphere of a club off, until he felt clean. He then stood under the jets and let the water pound him. Eventually, he shut off the water, when it started to cool, and stepped out of the showerstall, The air was smokey with steam and the mirror was fogged with the condensation.

He didn’t know how long he’d been in the shower. But he didn’t really care at this point. Maybe room service, next?

He grabbed the thick terrycloth towels and began to rub his tattooed body dry with the poofy white towels, pampering his reddened steamy slick skin, and then slipped on a comfy robe.

As he entered the living area, his hair wrapped up turban-style in a towel, and bunny slippers on his aching feet, he saw a silver tray with a bottle chilling in a bucket of ice, and a dessert bowl with fresh fruits, berries, grapes, and an assortment of his favorite candy treats. He was amazed that there were no chocolates. “Someone did their homework!” he thought. A card was propped against the tray, “From D.S. ~ Loved the Show!. You Rock<3 Enjoy!” it said.

Ralphie blushed a little, and shook his head, giggling as he put the card down. That boy just never gives up, he thought.

He picked up a particular juicy looking cherry, and took a bite – “MMMm no pits! Awesome!” he grinned, and grabbed another, and popped it in his mouth before padding over to his wardrobe, and digging through the contents of band t-shirts, dark jeans, and an assortment of all kinds of clothing. “No.. no.. no.. ” he said, as he tossed shirts and jeans aside. He dropped his robe and stood naked in the slightly chilly air, his nipples going hard.

He wasn’t in a black mood now.. he didn’t feel quite so tired or overwhelmed now either. Not like he kinda had been on the walk back.Now he wanted to go down to the hotel restaurant to get food, cause he didn’t want to stay in the hotel room- not yet. Maybe the night wasn’t such a bust after all. So he picked out the things that mirrored his new mood.. A pink button down and white jeans, a black belt and his favorite footwear.

He tied his hair back with a pink ribbon, locks escaping to caress his neck and he left the shirt unbuttoned. It felt a bit naughty, but he was feeling good, and liked what he saw in the mirror. Besides – its late, and they see all kinds of folks around here when there’s a concert. “And no one will recognize me without latex and makeup!” he grinned, and admired himself in the mirror.

Maybe he would run into someone special down in the restaurant? Maybe he’d just flirt with the cute waiter boys he’d seen down there? Just to flirt. Nothing sordid. Right?”

Dehrynn Shepherd

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.Reckless. – Ramona  (TMD)




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