As I Watch Over the Years

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“The end of Winter was coming, Finally. A winter that had not ended for far too long. But finally, the seasons were turning again. Another renewal of the cycle. It was time for Spring at last.
The Keeper of the Rings had passed several winter’s ago, and had left the responsibility in the hands of the new Keeper, the young apprentice- Ralphie Longtails.
The Wolf Prince, Krakandar had escaped, though the old Keeper had wounded him deeply in that final battle, driving him away, keeping the Rings safe. But had paid the ultimate price. 
Ralphie had watched his Mentor, The Old Keeper, perish from his wounds over the following months – it had been too much to bear. Ralphie slipped into shadow, and the world remained in Winter. It was as if literal Ice had filled his heart, and so had engulfed the Vale of the Keeper. It was as if time were frozen in his grief. He was now the new Keeper, after all. Winter would not leave. Years passed, and still Ralphie remained frozen.Numb. Asleep. 
And then, somehow, the kitten had come along, little Kich. Starving and alone and freezing, it came into the Vale, and even in his frozen state, Ralphie had awoken. His heart had melted with the need to help, to care for the little one. The ice cracked, and the frost fell away in sheets as he woke. He tended the little one, nursed him to health. And so they bonded. Kich  grew and Ralphie did, too. They found they could speak to one another, Kich being no ordinary kitten. Ralphie he found he could handle his responsibilities now. And soon, he discovered what one could do as The Keeper of the Rings.
As he stood on the edge of the mountain glade, the new Keeper summoned the power of the Rings, and felt the world around him, and he said, finally, “Enough. ” There was a pulse – the power that he could feel slumbering in the world, woke, and it was as if a long held breath was released in a great sigh. Spring was coming now. Finally. 
Yes, the new Keeper was truly awake and ready to set right what had fallen down. There was much in the world that was in need of mending during his slumber. 
So, with Kich on his shoulder, Ralphie set off, tails whipping in the air, ready to find and stop Krakandar, and make right what had gone wrong. But it wouldn’t be easy. First he had to find the Elf Prince -,and find out why he hadn’t come, when the Keeper had called for him, on that last fateful day. There would be an explanation.. or a reconning, “
~ Excerpt from the Chronicles of the Keepers ~ The Trials of Ralphie.
~Dehrynn Shepherd
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