Don’t Tie Me Down

Featured Item: [White~Widow] Nerve (Cosmopolitan)

“It wasn’t that he didn’t like it. It wasn’t like he didn’t ask for it. The passion was real, and even now it burned hot. That itch between his thighs, the need.. the raw lust. The power it bestowed and took away – both were intoxicating. The chain had been something new, adding to that element of passionate surrender, with the lace and silk and the soft perfumes. This Ralphiel, was seduced by his lover.. his captor. His passion and crucifier.

And then, things had changed. The give and take had become all give, and Ralphiel soon felt the cold and bitter feeling of being not a lover, but closer to an object. A collectible. And the chain held. Struggle as he might, it held. It held for a time out of mind. At least until this one last time. That final time. The final insult. The final humiliation. It was the end of fear and the start of fury.

And that’s when the Ralphiel burst forth, and his righteous power hummed in the air.. His wings spread, breaking free of their leathern bonds, and then.. the chain began to glow, its enchantment of captivity glowing strong and blazing in the air. But Ralphiel’s fury would not be damped or cowed. The wings beat the air, and the chain rattled and clanked. And it started to hum, and glow even brighter.

And Ralphie’s wings smote the air and he screamed in outrage and bitter anger, and that’s when the chain rang like a bell as its links broke – shattered like glass – from the awesome might of love turned to anger, and passion turned inwards to something angry and dark.

Ralphiel was free, once more, but now, on a new mission. Revenge.”
~Dehrynn Shepherd

Mesh- TMP Deluxe Body (Store)
Hair- Tableau Vivant \\ Carrie (Hair Fair)
Wings- Astralia – Wisdom angel WINGS RARE (Gacha Garden)

Halo- {aii} + Hagoromo (Store)
Collar- Yasum Capture Me (Store)
Hairpin- [CX] Ume Hairpin (Store)

Face Makeup- {aii} + InuDaiYoukai Makeup (Store)

[White~Widow] Nerve (Cosmopolitan)

Chain- Brought to you by Google

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