Down Side Streets

Featured Item: C L A Vv. Louie Outfit (Monsieur Chic)

“The tattered and beaten old ship had sailed into Singapore just after dark, coming into the harbor despite the curfew. The Moon Shade’s crew were moving slowly, as if exhausted by the ravaging storms that had just past. The docks were nearly empty of anyone to help or greet the ship as she moored, and none approached, but The Harbor Master. The old man was met by a pretty, pale faced young sailor that hopped onto the docks from the Moon Shade, twirling a strange umbrella. It was as if he was shading himself from the beaming rays of the large harvest moon. 
The young man was pale, ghostly pale, dressed in crisp duck trousers and a sailors shirt. But in the wan light of the harvest moon, he did indeed look pretty. He had exotic tattoos that the Harbor Master had seldom seen, except on this one young sailor. The old man was not about to stop taking the bribes. So what if some people came up missing when this ship sailed away? He had been doing this service for years, and the silver would buy him more pipe of the lotus and drink to sooth his little troubled conscience. 
The First Mate made a show of presenting papers, and slipped a fat bag of silver to the corrupt official. The old man had been careful not to touch the bare skin of the pale young man. But the First Mate of the Moon Shade knew the silver’s lure would keep the Harbor Master from betraying them. The young man watched the limping old fool skulk into the night with his bribe money, and shook his head.
 “Its always the same, ” he said in a soft, sweet voice, and a grin crept onto his lips. He closed his gleaming eyes and inhaled the scents of the city, twirled the tattered umbrella, and began to follow his nose – to roam into the darkened back streets. To find those places off the beaten path of the city. He would find what he was looking for.. something. Adventure? Excitement? Something new?  No. He wanted to find some ONE new. Someone fresh and ripe.A lover, perhaps. But also, someone with wide eyes wanting to sail into the unknown. And one that could be made.. like him. One of the Damned. Someone out there knew the way to the Straits of Forever, that would lead to the Blessed Moon Sea. Oh yes. Someone here could help them in their quest. He was going to make that person one of the Damned, crew of the Moon Shade. 
He licked his lips – he was getting excited, and he could almost taste them.”
~Dehrynn Shepherd

Mesh- TMP Deluxe Body (Store)
Hair- +elua+ Abigail (Kustom 9)

Shirt/Pants- C L A Vv. Louie Outfit (Monsieur Chic)
Geta- [CX] Kage Geta (Store)
Bracelet- ::GB:: Leather braclet (Store)
Necklace- *AvaWay* INFINITY (Store)
Umbrella- Soy. Broken Umbrella (Store)
Hair pin-*katat0nik* (dark hair stick) Cloud Dragon (Store)

Clemmm & [ContraptioN] – Oil Owl Set (Store)

Backdrop- Apt B // Forgotten Corner – Setup RARE (Kustom 9)


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