Come Little Bunnies

*New Addition- if you follow my flickr then you have Read Dehrs comments & probably got a good lol so I decided to put a special Dehr comment spot from now on just ’cause*

“And so, the enchanting melody floated through the air, transforming the warriors of the never ending battlefield into the bunnies of which they had once been. No longer forced to fight a war that was not theirs, Their hearts were light and free, and they had left behind their trappings of war. The Red Ralphie put an end to the long conflict that had sundered the innocent wabbit clans, using the haunting mystica melodies to break the curse of the Dark Mages, and draw them along in a train of bliss. They all began to follow the Red Reaver, the Ralphie-Bun, the “Piper of Shadows”, on one last march to that dreamland that the Piper called his domain. A place of safety, or at least of a final rest. Bunniedom was peaceful once more. But what of the Dark Mages that started it all? the Ralphie-Bun would deal with him, and the teeth of his robe’s hood would be stained with blood once more.” ~Dehrynn Shepherd

Mesh- TMP Deluxe Body (Store)
Hair- Tableau Vivant \\ Gloomy (Store)

Kimono- Clemmm & *katat0nik* Cursed Kimono (ORIGAMI)
leg wrappings- Clemmm – Wraps (ORIGAMI)
Geta- [[RH]] -Oboro- Geta (ORIGAMI)
Flute- {iD} x +HILU+ / FlutE
cloth whisps- {aii} + Hagoromo  (Store)

Eye Shadow- Zibska ~ Arabel (Uber)

Bunnies- {anc} cotton bunny (Store)


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