Devil on your Shoulder

Featured Items:  [White~Widow] Genius, ::GB::After Dark Coat, 7mad;Ravens The Calling, .ARISE. Nas Eyes,  VileCult – Lip Service, & *N*Queen of the Night (TFC)

Mesh- TMP Deluxe Body (Store)
Hair- ~Tableau Vivant~ Mystic hair  (Store)
Wings- Blueberry – Oakley Wings (Store)
Eyes- .ARISE. Nas Eyes (TFC)

Coat- ::GB::After Dark Coat (TFC)
Pants- ::GB::Leather pants in boots  (Store)
Choker- 7mad;Ravens The Calling (TFC)
Mask- Messiah : Qavah (Kustom9)
Claws- **RE** Savage Claws & Rings (MOM)

Eyeshadow- Zibska ~ Noir (Store)
Lip marks- VileCult – Lip Service (TFC)

*Bolson / Tattoo – Sak Yant (Summerfest ’16)

2nd Avi Cevris Resident:
Tattoo- [White~Widow] Genius (TFC)
Hair Flowers- *N*Queen of the Night (TFC)

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