One’s Art is Never Done

Featured Items: Serenity Style- The artist corner, Epicene – Galaxy Queen, Empty Pockets – Sunnies, & Swallows & Daggers : Flee (Gen-Neutral) 

Mesh- TMP Deluxe Body (Store)
Hair/Hat- Tableau Vivant \\ Slouchy hair (Kustom9)

Shirt- ::GB::Over loose shirt (TMD)
Jeans- [monso] My Ripped Jean (Store)
Sunglasses- Empty Pockets – Sunnies (Gen-Neutral) 

Art Supplies- Serenity Style- The artist corner (Gen-Neutral) 
Chair- 8f8 – Back to School Chair (Store)
Pictures- Epicene – Galaxy Queen (Gen-Neutral) 

Pose: Swallows & Daggers : Flee (Gen-Neutral) 


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